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If I was in the GPO, we would have won

Nationalist fever swells to a bloody climax with the revolution of Easter 1916 in Dublin. The conflict divides the city and her people, setting friends and family against each other. Bridie Reardon is a young woman passionate for her country. She, and a group of her ‘comrades’ want to fight for Ireland as much as any man, but down West they are told their place is at home. Bridie dreams of being in the middle of the hair-raising experiences happening in Dublin. She could be a scout, a despatch-rider, a sniper, a raider… She could fight side by side with the men. As she struggles with conformity and the expectations of women in society at the time, will she comply or fight for what she believes in? If I was in the GPO, we would have Won, explores themes of courage,  friendship, loyalty, responsibility, identity, integrity and femininity. Prepare to be transported in time and brought on a journey confronting the divisions of the past and challenging our assumptions to re imagine our futures through the eyes of meaningful characters.

If I was in the GPO, we would have Won is a poignant, fictitious story set against the backdrop of the 1916 Rising that deals with the ordinary people of that time.
The play is aimed at ages 10+ (5th and 6th class pupils and secondary students). Educational pre and post show workshops are available, addressing themes and issues that arise in the production as well as linking with the English, History and SPHE curricula. These workshops will happen in the lead up to and after the performance.  Prices available on request. To book a facilitator to come to your school to deliver these workshops call 086 874 7024. To avail of a discount on these workshops book before Feb 26th 2016 and quote BRIDIE REARDON.

Thursday  April 21st 11am
Friday April 22nd 11am & 8pm
Saturday April 23rd 8pm

TICKETS School shows €6 Evening shows €12/10 at Box office: 09066 25824





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