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    Since 1984 Graffiti Theatre Company has provided a unique brand of excellence in drama and theatre work for young people.
    True to its original aims of educating through a vibrant theatre event framed and extended by top-quality educational materials the company has provided almost 100 productions to young people from early childhood to young adult.

    Mission Statement of Graffiti Theatre Company
    The primary purpose of Graffiti Theatre Company is to provide a high quality educational theatre/drama experience to young people. To this end, we engage with many specialist artists in a creative process which honours the creativity of the whole team. We seek to place at the heart of each programme of work an innovative piece of theatre which is specifically designed to mediate the experience between the art work and its particular audience. All Graffiti’s work – central educational theatre, youth theatre and outreach drama – is informed by a philosophy which validates the aesthetic, personal and social experience of young people.

    Artistic Aims
    1. To produce a range of high quality educational theatre work in English & Irish and to sustain the standards developed over 31 years;
    2. To develop the work by remaining open and creative to new ideas, new
    populations, new trends;
    3. To develop innovative and ambitious new work in drama and theatre for and with young people;
    4. To develop new programmes of issue-based drama workshops;
    5. To document, analyse and research our own international practice;
    6. To disseminate our work through teaching & publishing;
    7. To train and mentor new workers in this specialist field of arts practice;
    8. To facilitate the creativity of the core staff and to encourage their professional development.

    2015 Productions:
    (Spring & Autumn) After Dark by Mike Kenny
    (Spring) BEAG Early Years Arts Intervention
    (Summer) Gile na Gealaí – Melody of the Moon
    (Culture Night) Jackie’s Day by Sarah FitzGibbon

    2016 Productions:
    (Spring) Dorchadas Draíochta by Mike Kenny Première as Gaeilge
    (Autumn) The Children of The Revolution by Ray Scannell (New Commission)
    (Ongoing) The Centenary Workshops/Ceardlanna an Chéid

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